Link Library

The purpose of this page is to give you links to valuable and trusted resources of information.

Medical Information

Veterinary Partner

Veterinary Partner is a client information resource provided by the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world’s first and largest online veterinary community. New articles are added weekly by the experts at VIN to make sure that our readers have the most current veterinary information available.

Veterinary Oral Health Council

The VOHC provides a guide of approved products that help reduce the severity of dental disease.

ASPCA Poison Control

The ASPCA Poison Control provides information about toxic items that may be in your house or environment. If you are concerned your pet ate something toxic, please call 888-426-4435. This hotline is available 24/7, be aware that a consultation fee may be charged.



CareCredit is available for healthcare financing. CareCredit is accepted at our clinic. Call us for more information about applying.

Pet Insurance Review

Pet Insurance is a personal decision. The above link helps you determine if it is the right fit for your family and helps you compare companies and plans.

Pet Grief Support

Tufts Support Hotline

508-839-7966. The hotline is staffed Mon-Thurs 6 pm-9 pm, with a 24/7 voicemail.

Rainbows Bridge

An online resource to create virtual memorials and participate in forums and chat rooms.

Pet Loss

An online resource with candle ceremonies, message boards, and a chat room.

Cornell Support Hotline

607-218-7457. The hotline uses google voice and asks you to enter your name. You may say anonymous if you prefer. This line is staffed Mon-Fri 6 pm-9 pm, Sat-Sun 12 pm- 9 pm